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All Through the Night

FICTION – Christian Romantic Suspense

by Davis Bunn

From Book  description:

Wayne, scarred physically and emotionally, has a background in special-ops he’s trying to forget. But he gets his arm twisted into helping a quirky group of seniors who’ve been scammed out of their retirement.

A loner trying to forget.  A community and a woman who need him to remember…

All he wanted was to put his past behind him.  But now it is the only thing that will save them…

Barb’s Reveiw

Enjoyed the quirky characters and suspenseful storyline.


Journaling Bee

I am a retired Christian wife and mother with a passion for reading, journaling, and sewing/quilting. As part of my ministry, I feel called to be an "encourager" and as such, decided to share some of my journaling experiences with the hopes that it would offer comfort, compassion, and encouragement.

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