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Four Steps to Encourage Others While They Wait

Waiting rooms.  Doctors’ office waiting rooms. Surgery waiting rooms. Emergency waiting rooms. How many times have you been there? Waiting for a loved one who is sick to see the doctor. Waiting for the doctor to diagnose or treat an emergency pain or situation. Waiting for the surgeon to patch up some broken, infected, or […]

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Battle Plan for a Christian “Turtle”

About 20 years ago, I took a personality test at work.  There were four personality types:  Butterfly (spontaneous); Elephant (strong); Frog (persistent); and Turtle (patient).  According to the test, I was a “Turtle” with the personality traits of: introvert, observer, cautious, calm, patient, organized, stoic, etc.  I don’t know how accurate the test was—I have […]

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Seeking God’s Wisdom

Questions from a Would-Be Christian Blogger Do you ever wonder how to fulfill your role as a Christian, while continuing in your everyday roles in modern life?  Each role brings its own set of responsibilities and questions on how to do it appropriately.  Many times, these roles cause us to feel overwhelmed and scattered, split […]

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