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This statement was last updated on August 23, 2016


The opinions expressed within this blog are based on my own spiritual walk and relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and are my personal opinions and interpretations.    I do not claim to be an expert on biblical theology, Christianity, or living the perfect life.  I am now and will continue to be a “work in progress.”  If in the sharing and reading of these opinions and interpretations it causes feelings of hurt, guilt or anger, I can assure you it was unintentional.  My intent is limited to the hope that these writings will offer encouragement and comfort where needed and spark your interest in furthering your own personal walk with Jesus.

If any of the material or opinions herein are offensive, harmful, or grossly negligent, please contact me via email at and I will do my best to rectify the situation.  I cannot attempt to correct the situation if I am not aware of it; however, be aware that I cannot fix a guilty conscience if you have been convicted by any information I have shared.


Copyright Policy

The written information in this blog is written by me and may not be used, reprinted, or copied without my written consent.

This blog consists facts, opinions and information this blogger has created and put together from personal research and not intended to copy from other information unless otherwise noted or linked via website.


Links to other Web Sites

Guest bloggers or other contributors are responsible for their own material and content.  The opinions of any guest bloggers and other contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the scope of my own position and beliefs.

Links to third party websites may be contained within this site and do not necessarily reflect my own position and belief.



The security of your Personal Information is important to us, but please remember that no method of transmission over the internet is 100% secure.  While we strive to protect your Personal Information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.  Names and email address are the only Personal Information this site intends to obtain.



This website is a personal blog and not intended to request or receive any monetary compensation.

Any reviews of books, websites, movies, etc. are personal opinions and not promoted by the authors/owners of these items.  No compensation will be received for my reviews or recommendations.


Changes to Disclaimer

This blogger reserves the right to update this page at any time.


Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  I hope you have as much fun reading it as I have had creating it.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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