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Named by God

Small Group Bible Study

Kasey Van Norman

Overview:      This book takes you on a refreshing (and sometimes) painful journey of realizing just how deep God’s grace goes and how unconditional His love really is.  Kasey shares her story as she guides us on how to overcome our past hurts and mistakes and shows us how important it is to forgive ourselves and others who have had an impact on our own “life story.”  She helps us realize the necessity of nurturing and maintaining our personal relationship with Jesus as we seek God’s plans for us on a daily basis. She encourages us to embrace our future and learn to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives with excitement and enthusiasm and avoid becoming spiritually complacent.  The book takes us on this journey in a little over 200 pages.  If you are interested in using the workbook as well, it makes for an insightful Bible study.

Our church did this as a small ladies group Bible study on this book and it was a powerful experience.  Each of us came away transformed!  I would highly recommend for men or women–I think the insights are beneficial for both genders.



Overcoming your Past:

  • The most destructive force known to well-meaning Christ followers is complacency. (pg. 6)
  • We need to face up to the realities of sin before we can be set free from them. (pg. 22)
  • Through the work of Jesus Christ, God is able to save lost sinners, forgive disobedient saints, and even go a step further to redeem the pitfalls from our past. (pg. 39)
  • No matter how far we’ve drifted, it’s never too far for our loving and compassionate God to pursue us and find us. (pg. 44)
  • There is one who is capable of understanding the depths of who you are and what you’ve been through. (pg. 61)
  • The treatment for the wounds of our past may be inconvenient and even painful, but we will never truly heal unless we present our hurt to the Lord and trust him to do his work. (pg. 71)
  • If you desire authentic healing and a God-honoring lifestyle, you must choose to forgive in the same way our Lord does—by extending love first. (pg. 77)
  • Forgiveness means releasing the other person from the clutches of your thoughts and feelings. This doesn’t mean you have to forget the past offense, but it does mean you no longer continue to dwell on it. (pg. 78)
  • When you withhold forgiveness from another person, you are taking for granted the precious blood of Christ, as well as disqualifying yourself from being the recipient of his forgiveness. (pg. 79)
  • Because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, we have direct access to God! By pursuing him daily through Scripture, prayer, and service, we can live victoriously in his power. (pg. 81)
  • As long as you cling to your pain, you are allowing another person’s sin to dominate you and have power over you. (pg. 81)


Transforming your Present

  • One of the biggest roadblocks in our relationship with God is unacknowledged or unconfessed sin in our lives. (pg. 87)
  • Change is possible, no matter who you are or where you’ve been. (pg. 88)
  • If you are a passionate pursuer of Christ, it is not a question of if Satan will attack you but when. (pg. 89)
  • Satan is armed, dangerous, deceitful and manipulative. He is not, however, equal to the Most High God.  The Lord is the Creator, and Satan is only a created being.  Although Satan is a threat, he is no match for the omnipotent, sovereign God. (pg. 89-90)
  • One of the most merciful gifts God gives us is the rather uncomfortable gift of conviction. God used conviction to bring you back to himself.  (pg. 91)
  • God forgives our sin and grants us righteousness despite our works. Once we are forgiven, our sin is cleared from the heavenly record and is never counted against us. (pg. 109)
  • If you are a genuine Christ follower, Satan cannot get inside you—he cannot make you do anything. He can only manipulate… (pg. 117)
  • Satan loves nothing more than to put out the flame of a burning believer who is on fire for the Lord. (pg. 119)
  • Christ is stronger than our enemy. (pg. 123)
  • If you are longing for ultimate restoration of your present, you must let God break your heart for whatever sin is holding you back from his complete control over your life. (pg. 128)
  • Whenever the word of the Lord comes to us, disobedience is never the best option. (pg. 130)
  • As frightening as it may seem to bring your sin before God, it is much more terrifying to be separated from him. (pg. 135)
  • When God calls us to do something, he wants us to respond to his leading based on faith, not on what seems logical to other people or what we have seen him do in the past. As we walk with him into the unknown, he desires our complete trust—based on the fact that he is God and we are not!  (pg. 138)
  • We have been given God’s covenant promise that he will use us for his great purposes in spite of ourselves. Jesus himself is our seal and promise of that covenant.  The Holy Spirit is God’s guarantee that he is who he says he is and that he will do what he has promised.  When we are “sealed” by the indwelling of the Spirit, we belong to Jesus Christ, and nothing and no one can take us from him.  (pg. 142)
  • It is not enough to simply believe in God; we must believe (pg. 144)
  • You are no mistake. Jesus did not bleed and die for a mistake.  (pg. 148)
  • God created you intentionally, and you are his delight! (pg. 150)
  • If we can start believing that we do know of God’s plan for us, we will soon find that the parts we don’t know don’t really matter all that much anymore. ..we must believe in God’s ultimate plan for our lives. (pg. 155)
  • If we long to see God at work in our present, we merely need to grow in our daily longing for him. (pg. 155)
  • God’s purpose for your life is twofold: to bring you good and to bring him glory. (pg. 156)
  • God is working in every area of your life, not just in isolated situations. He cares about each detail.  (pg. 156)

Embracing your Future

  • It is only when we have surrendered ourselves to God that he can plant a vision inside us. (pg. 164)
  • Becoming mature in a particular area of our lives takes intentional pursuit. (pg. 171)
  • If we are to be overcomers in this world and not the overcome, it is essential that we mature in Christ. This cannot be a side hobby or something we do when we have some extra time; it must become our daily reason for living.  (pg. 171)
  • If we are to be audacious Christ followers, it simply isn’t an option for us to disconnect from God and his people. We have to make a conscious choice everyday to grow.  (pg. 172)
  • As Christians, our maturity depends on whether we choose to resemble Christ or the rest of the world. (pg. 173)
  • Becoming a disciple of Christ is a daily commitment. (pg. 175)
  • The Word of God is our life support! (pg. 183)
  • We must look to Christ as the standard of our spiritual (pg. 189)
  • Our lives should be daily offerings to Christ on the altar of service. (pg. 190)
  • We were created by God and then received his salvation so that we might be God’s hands and feet in this world. (pg. 198)
  • It is only when we choose complete service to God that our lives—and our futures—take on eternal value. (pg. 200)
  • If you are a believer in Christ, you have the absolute privilege of possessing a beautiful spiritual gift from God. (pg. 202)
  • Church is not a spectator sport! We have been given gifts and God expects us to use them.  (pg. 203)
  • In our walk of faith, we often need to spend time studying up in God’s school before he sends us out to a certain assignment or calling (pg. 212)
  • Live each day with an eye to what Christ will do in the future. (pg. 214)
  • We need to be intentional about keeping our relationship with the Holy Spirit a vibrant part of our lives. We cannot experience daily renewal unless the Holy Spirit is a work in us.  (pg. 218)
  • We need to pray that God will give us a clear revelation of who we are and who he desires us to be. And then we need to do whatever it is he calls us to do.  (pg. 227)
  • The more you embrace your purpose, the closer you get to Jesus. The more you know him, the more you trust him.  The more you trust him, the more you love him.  And the more you love him, the more you love others as well.  (pg. 229)


Journaling Bee

I am a retired Christian wife and mother with a passion for reading, journaling, and sewing/quilting. As part of my ministry, I feel called to be an "encourager" and as such, decided to share some of my journaling experiences with the hopes that it would offer comfort, compassion, and encouragement.

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