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My name is Barb.  I’m a Christian wife and mother of two adult married children, in the middle of the “empty nest” syndrome, seeking something productive to do with my unstructured time.  I’ll admit to having a difficult time “cutting the apron strings” because to be honest, I actually like my kids and their spouses and find them very interesting and inspiring.

In a recent devotion I felt God whisper an idea for a ministry I could pursue that would serve His kingdom.   I have a difficult time stepping out of my comfort zone meeting new people, making new contacts (especially by phone), and putting myself “out there” in a noticeable way.  I prefer to be the behind-the-scenes support person, which is why I was a secretary/assistant for 30+ years in my professional life.  I have always wanted to be considered an encourager and a prayer warrior, although it is something I have to consistently work on or I will become lazy.

My spiritual gift has always eluded me, mostly because I fear accountability once that gift(s) is identified.  I seek perfection and have determined I fall far short in any one area (which is why I need the Perfect One, my Savior) and fear criticism or conflict.  In my maturing years I am coming to realize that if God can work through prostitutes, fishermen, murderers, etc., then perhaps he can accomplish something through me.

Someone close to me asked me if I thought perhaps writing was my spiritual gift.  I have never thought of it that way because I have always loved to write in a conversational way.  My experience in writing so far has been family newsletters, birthday cards, and cards or letters offering encouragement.  I write like I talk.  Sometimes I babble, sometimes I preach, sometimes I cry and sometimes I laugh.  But I alw
ays have plenty to say!

So early one morning during my quiet time, I heard what I can only describe as a whisper saying “why don’t you write a blog?”  It is not as daunting as writing a book.  I’m retired, so I’m not trying to earn a living.  It is only my opinions and interpretations I’ll be sharing since I’m not claiming any theological education.  It will be just like writing a note of encouragement or family newsletter, sharing the thoughts that God has placed on my heart and I’ll be posting it on a blog.

So I hope that you will join me on this journey.  I promise to put much prayer and thought into what I write, and I hope it will be encouraging to you.

Much love,

                                                                        Barb, the Journaling Bee



I love to journal and over the years I have developed the following:  Prayer Journals, Bible Study Journals, Weight Loss Journals, Exercise Journals, and Devotional Journals.  I’ve made journals out of worship notes, book reviews, family newsletters, etc.  My latest passion is the “bullet” journal which I recently discovered on Pinterest.   So you can see, where the journaling part of the name comes from.

The “bee” is just a fun symbol for the first letter of my name.  And it also came from the fact the little ones in the nursery at our church sometimes refer to me as “Aunt Bee.”

Journal Bee was not available, therefore I settled for “Journaling” Bee.

Note #2:

Setting up a blog is not as easy as everyone claims.  For me it was a long decision-making process.  It took me two months to come up with a name for my blog.  It took me three days to decide on a theme (and I’m still not confident in the one I chose–but at this point I”m afraid to change for fear it will be like starting over.).  Every time I go to do something blog-related, I have to go to some type of set-up menu and make more decisions, test it out and often try again.  It would seem that even after my blog becomes active, it will be a continual work in progress.  Please be patient.



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